Before going through the steps on how to clean your air ducts let us first know more about the equipment needed when handling clean-up of air ducts.  

So, what are the equipment used in cleaning the air ducts of your home or office? 


Cleaning the air ducts of your home or of your office building involves many equipment that can range from small to machinery that are heavy. An example of a small tool that is significant in cleaning your air ducts are mirrors that are small. Small mirrors are used in order to know deeper on possible buildup. Other tools or equipment involve cameras and cables in order to reach surfaces that are hard to reach by hand. Since this process involves cleaning, vacuums and brushes are also significant to the list. Reading brushes and vacuums might give you the wrong idea. Heading on without proper knowledge on how to use these tools in cleaning will cause more harm than good with your air ducts that’s why leaving the job to professionals is the answer to make sure the job gets done efficient and correct.  

So how do professionals clean the air ducts in your home or office building? 

Cleaning involves 3 basic steps. 

  1. Pre-Inspection 

Checking on the thing, problem or situation beforehand is a vital part of fixing things or something. When it comes to duct work, it is important to check on the point of access of the air ducts. This helps in identifying and evaluating the situation or condition of the air duct. Moreover, pre-inspection helps paint a bigger picture for a professional in order to see more on the issue of the air duct thus giving a professional the privilege to provide an efficient solution.  

 2. Debris Removal 

Before the process of removing the debris found on the air ducts, vacuum collection is done in order to avoid spreading the dust or other debris or contaminants in the house. After this process, debris and other contaminants are then taken out. Contaminants can involve bacteria, allergens and pollen.  

 3. Final Inspection 

Inspection is done after every job to ensure that the job was correctly done and the solution given is efficient. A step in final inspection involves making sure that the cleaned air ducts are checked if they are thoroughly cleaned. If you are not a professional, you may have a hard time determining what is a clean air duct or not thus calling for people expert in this area is preferred. Professionals in the area of air duct cleaning are trained how to do the job done and look if the job was done properly. In the stage of final inspection, the opinion of a professional air duct cleaner is indeed very helpful if you have invested time in making sure the air duct in your home is cleaned. Air duct cleaning Grand Rapids provides services like these. Connect with them today and have the help you need to manage the cleaning of your air duct!