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The premier location to find medias that best suit your advertising needs and get the results you expect!  American Classified Services, Inc. specializes in the placement of classified ads in newspapers and magazines across the U.S. using network advertising. We place your newspaper classifieds into hundreds of newspapers with millions of circulation nationwide. This saves you both time and money! Many of our programs average a cost of less than $1-$2 per publication - That rate is hard to beat!!
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Offers nationwide newspaper classifieds.

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They offer newspaper classifieds and display advertising in over 8,000 newspapers nationwide. They can reach a total circulation of over 60 million papers weekly. Advertising services include - Online ad placement in newspaper classifieds nationwide, magazine advertising, employment classifieds, alternative newspaper classifieds, 900 numbers, college newspaper advertising, thrifty nickel, pennysavers, print advertising, recruitment advertising and more!

Offers newspaper classifieds.

Nationwide classifieds advertising in newspapers

If you don't have the time to place newspaper classifieds yourself then this online AD placement service is the next best thing. You can choose from over 1000 newspapers nationwide, online secure ordering and ad tracking features - 24/7. This is our most popular service with clients always renewing! A large collection of newspapers welcome work at home ads. THIS SERVICE IS EXCELLENT FOR WORK AT HOME ADS!

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Newspaper Classifieds Software.

Newspaper classifieds software and other media software programs available.

Databases include, full addreses, phone numbers, FAX numbers, email addresses, web pages in Comma-Delimited Text Files so you can import into your favorite contact manager, mail/e-mail manager and completely customizable to manage any marketing strategy! Other software databases include military newspapers, college newspapers (fast becoming a lucrative marketing favorite), canadian newspapers, TV and radio, e-zines and even a journalist database! All software comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! Click on link below for more information and secure ordering.

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Low Cost newspaper classifieds Advertising Services - reach over millions of homes with just "one" AD! Ads are placed in free and paid weekly or daily papers through individual state networks. 15 and 25 word ads with BOLD lettering. Friendly customer service.

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$1 NEWSPAPER ADS - Advertise in 280 Different Newspapers in the US or 580 in Canada!

Need to find a way to place newspaper classifeids in different newspapers without the time and expense of placing each ad individually. This service found agencies that would, with one phone call, place 25 word classifieds ad in hundreds of newspapers including USA Today and 580 Canadian newspapers.

Advertise in 280 Different US Newspapers...for around a $1