Offers free publicity and secrets on how to get free publicity.

Offers free publicity and secrets on how to get free publicity.

Scoring a Direct Hit with Your Publicity

Product Review of:

The Complete System for Obtaining Free Publicity!

Reviewed by Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

The proof, they say, is in the pudding. Marlon Sanders, web marketing expert and mastermind of the Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy, steadfastly holds to his claim that you don’t even have to create your own information products to succeed in web selling. That’s what he says.

If you think you don’t have any expertise to sell as information, he tells you to find an expert on a subject. Then tape an interview with that person, and market the transcript of the dialogue as a valuable how-to book. Now, we all know it’s one thing to tell others how to do something. It’s quite another thing to do it yourself--successfully.Offers free publicity and secrets on how to get free publicity book.

Then along comes Marlon’s Complete System for Obtaining Publicity. As if to say, “You want to see how it’s done? Take a look!”, Marlon once again puts in practice what he preaches. Here, he’s conducted a lengthy interview with Elaine Floyd, a well-known authority on a subject we all want to know more about—free publicity. The secrets he uncovers in this in-depth conversation are captured, laid out, and smartly packaged as a unique and practical system for promoting your business! When you pick the brain of an expert through skillful questioning, the end product virtually creates itself.

The topic is one that touches us all—right at the cash register. Whether we like it or not, if we’re selling online or offline, we’re in the publicity business. It’s our lifeblood. And it only makes good sense to learn all you can from the people out there who are winning at the game—and want to help others win too. Elaine’s main business is selling information about newsletters. She’s the acknowledged guru of newsletter marketing. But the tricks and tips she reveals to Marlon in this eye-opening discussion will work for everybody, no matter what kind of information product they’re selling.

The contents of this e-book should be taught as Public Relations 101—Successful Promoting on a Shoestring. It’s for anyone who is tired of spending big bucks on advertising that doesn’t translate into sales. It’s for those of us who would rather see our revenues go back into developing new products rather than having to spend a whole lot of money just to keep our name out there.

Every turn of the page leads to another success tip you can use. Elaine brainstorms from her personal experience, and Marlon probes for deeper insights, more explanation on a key point that surfaces. The result is a practical, easy to absorb, and highly usable collection of strategies for getting your name out there to the people who can help you make more money.

It’s all about working smarter. Elaine tells you how to maximize your publicity by getting your press releases to the right publications and editors who can increase your exposure (and your credibility) in your target market. You’ll learn how to use publicity to market on the Internet, drive traffic to your web site, put a new spin on an old product, and step up your lead flow in ways you never thought possible.

As Marlon is so fond of saying, “It isn’t rocket science.” You just need to understand the basics of relationship building. You need to be aware of the innovative and highly effective self-promotion techniques that work. You need to focus on the simple, but powerful strategies that will let people know you exist. In short, you need this e-book.

--Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Secrets of Speed Publicity

Dr. Gardner writes professionally and, as such, was compensated for preparing this review.

Offers free publicity and secrets on how to get free publicity.

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